Friday, June 11, 2010

Is this thing on?

Extended hiatus over here, but it felt justified seeing as though I have practically no followers yet.  Yeah, I'm noncommittal...what of it?

Anyway, I thought I'd share my ideal summer reading list, because I think it's pretty exciting.  I've been searching for museum theory reading lists for a while and found an amazing one on the V&A website that covers fashion theory from historiography to morality and psychology.  The list is extensive (and I only picked a small portion that sounded interesting and relevant) and there's no way I'm going to get through all of these anytime in the near future, just in case you were wondering.  If you stumble across this blog and have some fashion, museum, or aesthetic theory suggestions for me, please let me know!  I'll update as I wade my way through the books with some mini-reviews and thoughts.

Full V&A Reading List, my edited reading list after the jump...

Küchler, Susanne and Daniel Miller, Clothing as Material Culture (Oxford, 2005)
Taylor, Lou, The Study of Dress History (Manchester, 2002)
Cumming, Valerie, Understanding Fashion History (London, 2004)
*Barthes, Roland, The Fashion System (London,1985)
Breward, Christopher and Caroline Evan, Fashion and Modernity (Oxford, 2004)
Carlyle, Thomas, Sartor Resartus (London, 1838)
Wilson, Elizabeth, Adorned in dreams: fashion and modernity (London, 1985)
*Johnson, Kim KP et al (eds) Fashion Foundations: Early Writings on Fashion and Dress, (Oxford, 2003)
Clark, Judith, Spectres: When Fashion Turns Back (London, 2004)
Mackrell, Alice, Art and Fashion: The Impact of Art on Fashion and Fashion on Art (London, 2005)
Martin, Richard, Fashion and Surrealism (London, 1990)
Muller, Florence, Art and Fashion (London, 2000)
Evans, Caroline, Fashion at the edge: spectacle, modernity and deathliness (London, 2003)
Ribeiro, Aileen, Dress and Morality (Oxford, 2003)
*Crane, Diane, Fashion and its Social Agendas: Class, Gender and Identity in Clothing (Chicago, 000)
Davis, Fred, Fashion, Culture, and Identity  (Chicago, 1992)
Steele, Valerie, Fashion and eroticism: ideals of feminine beauty from the Victorian era through the Jazz age (New York, 1985)
Steele, Valerie, Fetish: Fashion, Sex & Power  (Oxford, 1996)
Gaines, Jane and  Charlotte Herzog (eds),Fabrications: Costume and the Female Body (London, 1990)
Glynn, Prudence, Skin to Skin: Eroticism in Dress (London, 1982)
Polhemus, Ted, Streetstyle: from Sidewalk to Catwalk (London, 1994)
Laver, James, Modesty in dress: an enquiry into the fundamentals of fashion (London, 1969)
Laver, James, Taste and fashion (London, 1945)
Rudofsky, Bernard, The unfashionable human body (London, 1972)
Lurie, Alison, The language of clothes (New York, 1983)

*I am currently reading or have read these books

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